About the Retreat Center

The Triple Crane Retreat Center, as a branch of Da Huayen Retreat Center in Taiwan, is located in Chelsea, Michigan, USA.
Formerly a Church, the Retreat Center was acquired in 2011 through generous donations from faithful Huayen students in Chicago, Toronto and Ann Arbor. The Retreat Center held its opening ceremony in July 2012, and officially became the Da Huayen Retreat Center’s first center in North America for preaching Buddha’s teaching on truth, life and practice.
The Retreat Center’s mission is to deliver the truths of the Buddha’s teachings, to establish American Buddhism, and to help guide society into a new era of cultural growth, social happiness and harmony.

The Origin of the Retreat Center Name

Cranes are considered highly spiritual animals across many cultures and religions. In Oriental cultures, they are often considered an auspicious sign and bringers of good tidings.

Each year the Sandhill Cranes, one of the large crane species of North America, migrates south passing through Chelsea in late October. The Chelsea community holds various festivals and activities for the public to view the cranes gathering. It is said that the numbers of cranes that can be spotted within two hours range from 5,000 to 6,000 around that time of the year. It is definitely a gift from mother-nature that is not to be missed!

But why is the Retreat Center named Tripe Crane Retreat Center?

Master Haiyun Jimeng has described the cranes’ presence since the establishment of the Retreat Center as an auspicious sign; a metaphorical flame lighting the promise for the flourishment of Buddhism in the Western world.

Venerable master Haiyun Jimeng

Triple Crane Retreat Center is led by the venerable Haiyun Jimeng (海雲繼夢), also known as Master Sea Cloud. He is a practitioner, thinker, speaker, religious leader and scholar. With his years of sincere spiritual practices and profound wisdom attained, Master Sea Cloud became a monastic in 1991. Master Sea Cloud’s teaching encompasses a complete system of doctrine and practices. He particularly emphasizes that a real truth seeker should confirm the doctrines learned by his or her own personal experience from diligent practices. Accordingly, Master Sea Cloud’s Chan-Kuan teaching, based upon the doctrine of the Flower Adornment Sutra, focuses on practical life transformation. He provides students with stage by stage guidance to progressively deepen the meditative states of mind to personally get in touch with the true life and attain the supreme enlightenment as described by the Sutra. The natural by-products of the initial steps of training are:

An Introduction to the Origin and Development of Northern Mahayana Buddhism

Two ways to understand the ‘origin’ of Buddhism The ‘origin’ of Buddhism may in fact be understood in two ways. First, it may refer to the Buddha’s awareness, upon his enlightenment, of the ultimate truth of the universe and the meaning of life itself, an awareness that transcended the traditional concepts of the Indian society of his day. In Brahmin belief, there was a higher-than-human sphere, occupied by a God who created and governed the world. Since the Buddha had, through his profound practice and realization, attained the state beyond that of the heaven where there is neither thinking nor not-thinking (Naivasamjnanasamjnayatana), the doctrines that emerged from his spiritual experience where obviously bound to be different from those of other religious figures. In this sense it is the Buddha’s own supreme Enlightenment that is the ‘origin’ of Buddhism as a universal teaching which has transformed our world.

Venerable Grand Master Qin Yin(欽音)

As a successor of the 41st Master of “Xian Shou” lineage(賢首宗), the 17th Master of Mahayana Yoga lineage(瑜伽行派), the 12th Master of Retreat Center of Beijing Guangshan, venerable Grand Master Qin Yin is the current head Master at Retreat Center of “Shulin Fuhiu” in Taiwan.

Venerable Grand Master Meng Can(夢參)

Venerable Grand Master Meng Can was born in 1915 in Town of Kaitong in Heilongjiang Province of China. In 1931, Grand-Master was accepted at the feet of Master Xiuling(修林) and renounced the world at Temple Yaowang in Beijing. He was given the Dharma name “Jue Xing” and became a renounced disciple in the lineage of “Lin Ji”(臨濟宗) of Northern Wu Tai. Being a very humble spiritual seeker, Grand-Master refers himself as the name of “Meng Can”. Grand-Master took the vow to follow the code of constrain for monk in 1931. Upon the completion of the training, he paid pilgrim to the holy mountain of “Jiu Hua”, where he participated in the special ceremony which was held every sixty years to cut the hair and nails for Di Zang Monk who lived in this world between 696 and 794.

Venerable Grand Master - Swami Rajarshi Muni

Venerable Grand Master Swami Rajarshi Muni was born in 1931. He has engaged himself in the serious study and practice of yoga since his early youth. He received shaktipat initiation (note below) from Guru, Swami Kripalvanand, in November 1970 and renounced the world thereafter. After that he had devoted himself almost exclusively to secluded yoga sadhana (spiritual practice), his daily practice spanning at least ten hours.

Triple Crane Retreat Center’s Three Great Missions:

“To not have read the Avatamsaka Sutra, is to not perceive the invaluableness of Buddhism.” The Avatamsaka Sutra, also known as the Flower Adornment Sutra, or in its full title《The Great Means Expansive Buddha Flower Adornment Sutra》, is the first sutra expounded by Shakyamuni Buddha upon attaining enlightenment while seated beneath the Bodhi tree. Its contents both elucidates the sublime elegance of the ultimate abode of the tathāgata, and edifies the manifold means to attain such a state. Those seeking spiritual cultivation whom follow the sequential stages mapped out shall advance towards realizing the immeasurable wealth of one’s inborn spirituality, and through sustained accomplishments will ultimately bring the state of the tathāgata into fruition.

Our Geographical Environment

We are located in Chelsea, Michigan, a city spanning approximately 3.68 square miles with a population of about 5,000 people. Located in the south eastern Michigan, the city of Chelsea is about 45 minutes from a major airport and 25 minutes from downtown Ann Arbor. A quintessential small town dating back to the early 18th Century, Chelsea is perhaps most noted for being the base of Chelsea Milling, maker of Jiffy Mix. A peaceful and safe community, the city hosts various community events and arts activities throughout the year. Chelsea is also the gateway to the beautiful 25,000 acre Waterloo Recreation Area, where you can experience the beauty of Michigan’s unique wilderness, wildlife and geological wonders in this protected area. A perfect place for nature enthusiasts to enjoy various outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, paddling, and swimming, or experience the spectacle of the migrating sandhill cranes.