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三鶴道場因應疫情即日起暫時對外關閉至4/30 2020-04-16
Triple Crane Retreat Center cooperates with statewide stay-at-home order and is temperately closed until 4/30. 2020-04-16
Master Haiyun JM. Dharma Tour in North America was cancelled for this spring. 2020-03-24
Huayen Chan Kuan:Arms Swing 2020-03-17
classes and activities will be postponed for now 2020-03-17
2020 Gengzi 庚子Rat Year Rats near wall, and Truth is everywhere 2020-01-21
Triple Crane Monastary for our Traditional Chinese New Year Celebration! 2020-01-06
三鶴道場2020年度點燈供佛 2019-11-29
Huayen Purification Chan Bilingual Retreat, Lead by Venerable Haiyun Jimeng 2019-08-23
Master Haiyun Jimeng will arrive Triple Crane Retreat Center this fall 2019-08-23
護持三鶴道場 2019-06-29
The Buddha bathing Festival 2019-05-17
Abbot Haju of Ann Arbor Zen temple visiting TCM 2019-05-10
2019 Spring Huayen retreat 2019-05-09
An Introduction to the Origin and Development of Northern Mahayana Buddhism 2019-04-25
The Huayen School 2019-04-25
The Spirit and Distinctive Features of the Huayen Teachings By Venerable Master Haiyun Jimeng 2019-04-25
What is Huayen? 2019-04-25
Huayen Chan Kuan Bilingual Retreat Saturday 2019-03-25
TRADITIONAL_ChineseTeaCeremony.jpg 2019-03-04
DyadMeditationDayFinal-02.jpg 2019-02-11
Triple Crane Retreat Center February classes & events 2019-01-29
Good news!!! Isha Kriya Meditation is coming to Triple crane Retreat Center on 2/9. 2019-01-26
Celebrate Chinese New Year 2019-01-24
三鶴道場誠邀五十三位善財童子2019全年點燈供佛 2019-01-09
Morning Bell and Evening Drum 2018-11-09
堂走廊房間整修活動 2018-11-09